Friday, March 22, 2019
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New partnership with Sabot Australia!

**The Australian 505 Sailing Association would like to announce its new partnership with Sabot Australia!**

The purpose of this partnership is to foster and develop a pathway for junior sailors to step up with confidence into our fantastic high performing boat and to join the 505 family where they will be embraced as a member and supported and mentored in their new journey.

This weekend, the annual Wangi Sabot Camp is taking place and is a fantastic event where the kids spend a weekend doing lots of sailing but more importantly having a great time with their friends and meeting new ones.

The best part of the camp is that the kids have a great time which they associate with Sailing, regardless of their level.

This year the Lake Macquarie 505 fleet attended to take some of the Sabots kids out for their first experience in such a big fast boat. Ryan Menzies, a local 505 sailor can still remember the same thing happening when he was a Sabot sailor. He was very lucky to be taken out by 505 World Champ Chris Nicolson!

At this years camp, 60 junior sailors attended and at least half of them got to sail on the 505s as well as some of our coaches! I think we have inspired the next generation!

The kids couldn’t believe just how fast and smooth the 505s were and those that steered, how responsive and light they were to steer.

President of Sabot Australia, Simon Burt, wanted to convince his sons to sail with him on a 505, but it seems they have decided to sail together! So he is now on the hunt for junior skipper!

So great to have Sabot Australia as our partner and really looking forward to sharing a future together. ????

2018 Nationals Last Day

Today was the last day of racing, with race 9 of the regatta in 10 knots of utterly sweet East sea breeze; the epitome of champagne sailing again. Couldn't have been sweeter.

Winner of race 9 was Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel (USA)

Final placing after 2 drops:

1. Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel USA – 11 points
2. Jan Saugmann/Marcus Cooper DEN – 22 points
3. Mick Babbage/James McAllister – 26 points
4. Mike Quirk/Joel Castle – 27 points
5. Mal Higgins/Nick (Camel) Johnston – 27 points

Link to full results

As the first 2 places were overseas competitors the Australian champion 2018 for the second time is Mick Babbage/James McAllister. Fantastic job and sort of anticipated as local sailors.

First female and first junior was 16 year old Christie Bowden/Ian Gregg at 17th with a close second Amy Lee/Justin Mulkearns 20th. Goes to show that with an experienced and heavy crew, even the lightest of skippers can handle a 505.

What a fantastic, high class racing regatta of 40 boats, the most in a National Championship in recent history that was not combined with a world championship.

We expect 50 Australian boats at the Nationals and World Championships next year. If you have a 505, this is your year to take part. There will be a Classic fleet, meaning that even the older boats can take part. Dust them off and bring them out to meet their family!! You have 12 months to prepare!!

2018 Nationals Day 5 Update

We had a champagne sailing today at the Work’N’Store Australian 505 Championships, with 3 races in a steadily building easterly sea breeze starting at 6 knots increasing to 12. The big spinnakers on the 505 allowed fast planing on the downwind runs when the breeze came in.

Winners today were:
Race 6 – Jan Saugmann/Marcus Cooper
Race 7 – Mike Quirk/Joel Castle
Race 8 – Nigel Lott/Bob Franks

Current standings after 8 races:
1. Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel (current and 3 times world 505 champion skipper and previous world champion crew from USA)
2. Jan Saugmann/Marcus Cooper (2 times world 505 champion skipper from Denmark with local crew)
3. Mike Quirk/Joel Castle (multiple Australian 505 champion skipper and Lake Macquarie expert crew)
4. Mick Babbage/James McAllister ( previous Australian 505 champion skipper and crew)
5. Mal Higgins/Nick (Camel) Johston (multiple Australian Sharpie champion skipper and crew)

In 8 races there have been 6 different race winners which indicates the depth of competition in the fleet of 40 boats.

Of the 6 female sailors Christie Bowden (17th) crewed by Ian Gregg maintains a 3 place lead over Amy Lee crewed by Justin Mulkearns. Amy gave Christie a good run today in race 6 finishing 8th ahead of Christie’s 17th.

Tomorrow, Friday is the final day with a forecast of light winds and one last race.

Lots more pictures on the Facebook page, links on the right of this page.

2018 Nationals Day 4 Update

Today 3 races were completed in 20+ knot and moderating shifty and variable South wind which tested the very best.

There were no surprises with the usual suspects consistently able to pick the pressure lines and shifts to get ahead of the pack.

The winners today were Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel, Mike Quirk/Joel Castle, Mal Higgins/Nick (Camel) Johnston.

The overall standings after 5 races are:

1 Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel proving the reason why they are current and 3 times world 505 champions.
2 Mal Higgins/ Nick (Camel) Johnston.
3 Mick Babbage/James McAllister
4 Mike Quirk/Joel Castle
5 Jan Saugmann/Marcus Cooper

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